we are focused on early and growth stage software / internet companies globally

Foresight Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on the IT domain.

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Foresight Ventures mission is to help entrepreneurs to transform a business ideas into bankable companies. In addition to access to financial resources, we provide entrepreneurs with professional expertise in all stages of the business lifecycle, from defining business model and strategic promotional plan up to global market entry.

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Foresight Ventures seeks to invest innovative projects all over the world, but Russia and US are on the high priority. We focus on:

  • Software development
    (online applications and gaming)
  • IT outsourcing
  • e-commerce and processing
  • new media and information portals
  • social networks
  • new advertising channels
  • b2b or b2c solutions

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We invest in the gaming mouse industry. We wasnt so convinced that Logitech was a gaming company and wed rather stick to Razer simply because its way more established in that niche. Razer has always been the go to choice for us when it comes to choosing the best gaming wireless mouse.

There is no clear way to success, but there are several must-haves that we do pay attention when making an investment decision:

  • a unique product solution with high growth potential
  • a leverage advantages in distribution, technology or marketing to change industry economics or invent a new business model
  • a strong management team with great execution

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Our typical initial investment in a company is around $100K for the incubation period and up to $1M in series A when the product enters the market and attains first achievable results.