Focus on seed and early-stage companies, diversified by growth stage companies, geographies and markets

Offices in Moscow, Russia and Silicon Valley, California

Team of successful Venture Capitalists with experience in entrepreneurship, operations, angel investing, venture industry - leading industry experts

Our investment strategy

  • Invest in rapidly growing markets - Software, Internet, Mobile applications
  • Extensive network provides an ability to reach those seed/early stage entrepreneurs and companies based in Silicon Valley as well as extend the reach of companies located in developing countries to Western markets
  • Diversified strategy includes incremental investment, a mix of seed and growth stage companies, geographies and markets to help manage risk;
  • Our network also creates opportunities for maximal market access and next-stage funding to our portfolio companies
  • Our hands-on approach involves us in operations, boosts entrepreneurial passion
  • Select strong business models and market justifications which can be fulfilled within certain time frames
  • Initial investment up to $100K for the incubation period and up to $1M in series A
  • A record of success through strong exits for investments.